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Pak wants, ‘Imran Khan should be awarded Nobel Peace Prize’.

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Pakistan has made a new move amidst the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan. In the Pakistan Parliament, a proposal to nominate Prime Minister Imran Khan for the Nobel Prize was brought. This proposal came down with information minister Fawad Chaudhary, citing tension between India and Pakistan, referring to the initiative of peace. While announcing the release of the Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan, Imran Khan said this to initiate steps towards peace.

Pakistan, who is facing all-round criticism after the Pulwama attack, is afraid of being isolated in the world at this time. At such a time, the Pakistani parliament has stepped up the name of Imran Khan for the peace prize. However, the way the Pakistani army presented Wing Commander Abhinandan in front of the media and he was delayed leaving them is being criticized too. While expressing strong disagreement on bringing Wing Commander to the media, India described it as a lump in the display.

Let me tell you that the proposal was presented to Imran Khan, the Nobel Peace Prize in the Pakistani Parliament. In support of this proposal, Fawad Chaudhary said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has made a remarkable initiative to reduce the tension between India and Pakistan. He showed such readiness for peace efforts, it is rare. #NobelPezePrizeForImranKhan was also trending on Friday in Pakistan.

India has not given much thought to the efforts of the Prime Minister of Pakistan earlier. India stands on the stand that terrorism cannot be negotiated When the name of Imran Khan was being extended for the Nobel Peace Prize in the Pakistani parliament, the Pakistani army was also violating the siege fire in the border areas.

In an interview to the BBC, the Pakistani Foreign Minister also claimed that Jaish has not attacked the Pulwama. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has confirmed the existence of terrorist Masood Azhar in Pakistan. He said that Masood is very sick and he is in Pakistan. There is also a report in the media that the treatment of Jaish Head is going on at the Pakistan Army Hospital.