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Nuclear arms, not seen in North Korea’s military parade, praised Trump.

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Washington, US President Donald Trump appreciated the absence of nuclear weapons during the military parade organized by the government on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of North Korea. On this occasion, American President Trump tweeted Sunday, “North Korea organized a parade on the 70th anniversary of the country in which the nuclear missile was not displayed.”

At the same time, the American president also said that the theme of the parade was “Peace and Economic Development.” He said, Fox News quoted that “experts believe that North Korea did not exhibit a nuclear missile to show President Trump . At the same time, they have done so to fulfill their commitment to disarmament. ”

Trump said that this is a very positive and big step from North Korea. He thanked Kim Jong for this. He also said that both of them would prove to be wrong. Explain that Trump had met with the North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong in Singapore on June 12.