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North Korea has again warned US that if the sanctions have not been removed, then nuclear weapons will be started to build.

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In June this year, a historic meeting between US President Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong was met. After that Kim had promised to stop the program of nuclear weapons, but in a recent statement North Korea threatened the US that it would return to the old ways.

North Korea, which claims nuclear disarmament for months, has suddenly hit the US harder. North Korea has warned the United States that if it does not remove stringent economic sanctions, then the country will return to its old nuclear policy i.e. nuclear weapons. For years, North Korea has worked with the economy on the policy of raising nuclear power.

While advocating peace in April this year, North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong had announced that their country’s nuclear needs have been fulfilled. Kim said that now the country will work on the creation of the Socialist Economy. However, the latest statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs has said that if America does not change its attitude on sanctions, Pyongyang can return to old policies.

Kim got the trump by announcing disarmament
In June this year, a historic meeting between US President Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong was held in Singapore. During that time, North Korea spoke of complete nuclear disarmament. After this the tensions of the Korean peninsula were tightened and the ropes of the arms race were tightened. However, there has been no special progress in this matter since then.

On the other hand, the US has continued its ban on North Korea. The United States says that until North Korea completely disarms and it is not confirmed, the restrictions will continue. North Korea has been telling this stand of America as ‘gangster’. North Korea has said in its statement that better relations and restrictions can not go together.

Last month, North Korea’s State Media accused America of playing double games. Trump was criticized for economic sanctions. However, the United States remains standing on its stance. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said in a recent interview to Fox News that restrictions will continue until the North Korea does not fulfill its commitment to disarmament.