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New York School students will learn Sikhism religion.

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New York, In the US, more than 70 percent of the citizens will not be known Sikh religion, while schools in New York province will be taught about this religion and its traditions. According to the American media, NGO United Sikhs have tied up with New York’s Education Department. Its purpose is to give American students information about Sikhism.

According to the report, senior policy adviser of ‘United Sikhs’, Preetpal Singh, said that 70 percent of the Americans surveyed by their group did not have any knowledge of Sikh religion. American students do not know about their Sikh classmates.

It is said in the report, “They do not know who we are, what our origin is, where do we come from or from which country do we come from.” He said that the fact that we come from India, they can not understand. The course was announced formally on Friday. But in fact it started in September 2016 in some city classes. According to an estimate, about five lakh Sikhs live in America.