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Neerav Modi sent email to CBI, fears of mob lynching on returning to India.

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Neerav Modi, the accused of the country’s largest banking scam, sent his reply to the CBI by email. Neerav Modi has expressed the hope of being a lobbying lobbying on his return to India. Not only that, Neerav has also referred to the suicide boss DG Bansal as a victim of CBI torcher in his email. Explain that the entire Opposition, including the Congress, is an attacker on the Modi government, with regards to Neerav Modi, Mehul Vigilance and related banking groats.

On Saturday, Neerav Modi’s lawyer V. Agrawal said that the proceedings had been taken to prove Nirav Modi a fugitive in the PMLA court. According to the lawyer, the ED had demanded that Neerav Modi be declared a runaway because of leaving India in suspicious circumstances. The advocate told that on behalf of Neerav the court argued that he had left India on the valid passport and visa, and at that time his accounts were not NPAs.

Giving information about Neerav’s email, the lawyer said, “He referred to the CBI sending his concerns about his safety in the email, burning his effigy and discussing the events of mobs lining in India. He was made poster boy instead of Bank Fraud. He also mentioned the death of Mr. Bansal due to CBI torture.

Neerav’s name sprung up in CBI dispute, officer charged with serious charges
Let me tell you that during the dispute of the officers in the CBI, the name of the bank scam accused Neerav Modi had sprung up. In the past, CBI DIG rank officer Manish Kumar Sinha had challenged his transfer order in the Supreme Court. Sinha had told the Chief Justice’s Bench that he was transferred to defame the investigation against Neerav Modi and the special director of CBI Rakesh Asthana.