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National Entrepreneurship awards 2018: Sets a stage to honour excellence in the area of entrepreneurship.

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If you are told that the world’s largest value-added spice company or printing BPOs, the largest exporter of hand-made rugs, the largest exporter of the largest machine tool-maker, Honey and Leather; not big metros, whereas smaller cities, will you believe? Yes, this is true. Undoubtedly Micro Enterprises has a significant stake in the global economy and it plays a major role in increasing both the employment and the money in the country.

Imagine if these initials can accelerate economic growth, they can not do anything if they get little cooperation and encouragement from the government. By the way, the government has started efforts to encourage and strengthen the growth of these micro-level entrepreneurs, so that they can contribute to the economy. Not only the tax benefits, innovation loans and grants, the government is also honoring and satisfying the entrepreneurs for their efforts.

The name of an initiative launched by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India – is the name of the National Entrepreneurship Awards, 2018 (NEA). Its purpose is to celebrate the efforts of Young First Generation Entrepreneurs and their Ecosystem Builders to recognize it, which has an extraordinary impact on Entrepreneurship Advancement. This is an important step towards livelihood to inspire the spirit of self-employment or entrepreneurship among the youth.

These awards are especially important for micro-enterprise or a micro-entrepreneur, who have a desire for victory, inspiration, enthusiasm and perseverance, all they need to do. These micro level entrepreneurs adopt a quiet and intuitive way of life and keep on local routes to overcome the challenges (which are the hallmarks of the Great Entrepreneurial Adventure). In such a way it is necessary to give generous support to these small business owners.

Award Highlights
If you know an entrepreneur, small / big business unit or someone who deserves appreciation and respect, then you can send nomination for it at by November 16, 2018. Specially, 43 awards have been designed – 39 for young entrepreneurs and 4 for the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builders. The merit criteria are quite simple and as follows:
1) He / she should be under 40 years of age.
2) They should be a first generation entrepreneur.
3) They have more than 51% of the business or more equity and ownership.
4) Female new entrants must have a proprietary / collective ownership of 75% or more of the enterprise.
You can go here to learn the eligibility conditions.

Rewards for the winners
The winners will be honored at a high-profile award ceremony organized by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. They will be provided cash prize, a certificate with a trophy. Cash price is Rs 2.3 crore, which will be given in different categories. Cash price for the enterprise / individual category is Rs 5 lakh and for organizations / institutions 10 lakh rupees.

Summary of award categories
Here are three categories on which nomination will be based:
1) Entrepreneurs whose seed capital (initial capital) is less than 1 lakh
2) Entrepreneurs with Seed Capital (initial capital) between 1 lakh and 10 million
3) Entrepreneurs whose seed capital is between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 1 crore

National Entrepreneurship Awards (NEA) is a major initiative of the Government of India’s Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry. It has been started to increase awareness of the importance of micro-entrepreneurship, which can be financially strong and financial inclusion to the people of low-income.

If you know any micro entrepreneur or any small / big time business person who is innovative and has done extraordinary work, then it is a golden chance to recognize their work and to make them important. Hurry and fill the enrollment form here. Check link