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Microsoft offers 1.5 Crore salary package, mostly hiring for America.

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Mumbai, In Software field giant Microsoft has offered the highest salary package in IIT on the first day of campus placements. The company has done this for the second consecutive year. The company has hired most candidates for jobs in the US. Microsoft has offered an average of 2.14 million dollars. Well, in the US dollar salary is equal to last year, but due to the fall in the rupee this year the amount has gone up to 15 million. The package Microsoft provided in 2017, according to that time, was worth 1.39 crores. A member of a placement committee said, recently a survey of students was done in which they showed more interest in working in Microsoft.

In IIT Bombay, company named Uber International, Rubric and cohesity recruited for the first time. They hired a total of 3 students for jobs in the US. Blackstone has given the highest package for domestic job at Rs 45 lakh per annum in IIT Bombay. An IIT Bombay official said that the number of companies giving salary packages of 25 lakh or more per year has increased.

The first day in IIT Kharagpur was given 12 international offers. Most offers have been given by Mercury Company of Japan. Microsoft has also selected 4 students from the campus of IIT Kharagpur.

The first day in IIT Madras, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Airbus and McKinsey hiring. Apple hired eight candidates in the institute and Goldman Sachs along with On the first day of campus placement, 85 offers for students in Chennai campus. Microsoft and Uber also recruited in IIT Delhi.