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Meghalaya Mine Rescue: Navy Diver’s Failure Try, even could not enter in the mine. Restart to enter inside.

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A team of Navy’s divers to reach the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya on Saturday from Visakhapatnam to save 15 workers stranded in a coal mine from two weeks. 15 Navy and 21 Divers of Odisha Fire and Rescue Service failed to get inside the mine. The SP of the district gave this information. They said that the pump and other machines have been installed at the spot, but it can take time.

Son of Shohar Ali of Mugurmari village, brother and son-in-law are trapped in this mine. Ali said, ‘I have just enough demand that we get at least his body for the last rites.’ Ali said that the laborers were working on the wages of Rs. 2000.

Over the last two weeks, the state agency and NDRF have removed more than 20 lakh liters of water, the level of water has remained so far. About 15 days ago, one of the five workers who came out of the mine, Sahib Ali said, “On that day we had 22 people in mine. Many diggers went to the distant part of the mine. ‘

Sahib told that he started work on Dec. 13 at 5 am They said, ‘By 7 o’clock, the quarry was filled with water. I was inside 5-6 feet and brought out the ray full of coal. I could feel a strange breeze inside the mine, which was unusual. There was a sound of water flowing with it. ‘ Saheb says, “There is no hope of the workers trapped in the mine alive. Any man can breathe inside the water for a long time. ‘