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Know, how to reach the Statue of Unity and about tickets?

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Ahmedabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled the world’s highest statue Statue of Unity. Sardar Patel’s 182-meter high statue will be opened from November 1 to the public for the tourism of the common people. Statue of Unity is located in Sadhu Island in Kewriya, Gujarat’s Narmada district. This is called PM Modi’s dream project.

It is being told that this huge statue is seen from a distance of 7 km. After knowing its specialty, if you have a plan to visit the Statue of Unity, then we are telling you how and when you will be able to see this magnificent statue very closely.

How to reach Kewriya
At the moment, Vadodara is the nearest airport and railway line. It is 89 km away from Kewriya. From here you can reach Kewriya via road. Apart from this, Bharuch is also a nearby railway station. If you come from Ahmedabad, then you have to cover a distance of 200 km. In addition, there is a plan to run seaplan service from Sabarmati riverfront to Panchmuli lake.

Sardar Patel to reach Statue from Kewriya
After reaching Kewriya, you have to come to Sadhu Island. A 3.5-km highway has also been built from Kewriya to Sadhu Island. After this, a 320-meter bridge link from Main Road to Statue is also made.

Tents city for travelers
Let us tell you that two tents city has been constructed by the Gujarat government in Kewriya. It has one in 50 and the other has 200 tents where the passengers have the facility of lodging. Apart from this, a 52-room 3-star hotel, Bharat Bhawan Complex, is also 3 km away from Statue.

Tickets will be available in two categories
The Statue of Unity will be open from 9 AM to 6 PM every week of the week for people’s vision. You can book online tickets to get here. You can book online ticket from for this. Here you will see two categories. Deck View and Entry Tickets Entry is free for children under the age of 3 years in the Statue of Unity.

– You will have to pay 350 rupees to buy a ticket for a taxi view. With Entry in the Observatory deck, the Valley of Flower, Sardar Patel Memorial, Museum, the audio-visual gallery can go to the Statue of Unity site and Sardar Sarovar Dam.

The same entry ticket is 60 rupees for children aged 3 to 15 years. For this, the ticket price for elders is Rs 120. From this ticket, you can enjoy the Sardar Sarovar Dam along with the Valley of Flower, Memorial, Music and Audiovisual Gallery.

-If you have bought an entry or deck view ticket, you will not have to pay rent separately for bus. The entry fee of 30 rupees is added automatically to the entry ticket.

Online ticket facility
There will be no charge for online ticket ticketing with Net Banking or Debit Card, while credit card will be charged 1 percent GST on the total amount in the booking.

Memorials related to Sardar Patel in the museum
There are windows near the stomach’s chest, from where you can see the Sardar Sarovar Dam. Below the statue is a museum, where many things related to Sardar Patel’s memory will be kept. Arrangement of laser lighting has been made in the statue, which will keep its lively day and night equal.

Selfie point
A 5 km radius is built near the statue, which is the main attraction here. It has been developed as a Valley of Flower.

High Speed ​​Lift Facility
The Gujarat government has also built a shopping center and a research center at the Sardar Patel Statue Complex to welcome tourists. Apart from this, high speed lift has also been installed in the idol feet, through which you can reach the height of 400 feet and see the statue.