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India will create 10 million jobs in the cloud computing sector by 2022.

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‘Cloud computing’ is now becoming a necessity in all major companies, and there is a need for millions of professionals in this field around the world. According to the Great Learning Report, in this region, more than 10 lakh jobs will be generated within this country by 2022. Great Learning said in its report that currently on the Cloud technology framework, companies are investing four and a half times their traditional technology expenditure. By 2020 it is expected to be faster. Great Learning is a platform for teaching technology to people.

This report has been prepared by the evaluation of senior cloud experts, interaction with employers and employers of high quality industrial research reports. According to the report, the expenditure on information technology will be spent on the development of almost private, public or hybrid cloud in the coming year. This will turn the information technology into all the functioning of cloud computing. The cloud computing market in the country is just $ 2.2 billion. By 2020, it is expected to increase to $ 4 billion annually by 30 percent.

Because the cloud service is safe and cost effective, there has been a change in the trend of adoption among the companies. So now it is giving priority to ‘cloud computing’ in place of conventional data centers and its market is growing rapidly.

Now big companies are adopting ‘Cloud’ in the country as it gives them flexibility, generality and speed in functioning. According to the report, most of the posts in the search to get jobs in most companies are vacant where cloud computing specializes. Therefore, in the field of cloud computing technology in the country by 2022, there are estimated to create 10 lakh new jobs.