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In response to the S-400 deal, Pak bought military drones from China.

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In response to the S-400 deal between India and Russia, the deal of military drone has been between Pakistan and China. China has decided to sell 48 high quality military drones to Pakistan. It is being said that this is the biggest deal of its kind between Pakistan and China. Chinese officials told this information on Tuesday. However, no expenditure has been disclosed regarding the cost being spent in this deal. This UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has been made by Chengdu Aircraft Industrial.

This Pak and China UAV will be jointly built. China’s government media Global Times has given this information. The report said in the Global Times, “China is Islamabad’s largest ally. Which is also Pakistan’s largest arms supplier. Both countries are jointly manufacturing single engine multi-roll Combat Aircraft JF Thunder Manufacturing.

According to reports, the Pakistan Army has long been looking to buy a military drone from China, but soon after the S-400 deal between India and Russia, China has agreed to sell the drone to Pakistan. Explain that during the bilateral talks between India and Russia last week, the S-400 deal was stamped on.

The Global Times says that this Deal has been announced on the social media by the Sherdil Aerobatic team of Pakistan Air Force. The total value of this deal has not been disclosed by any party in the report. There is no information in the report when it will be delivered. There is no information in this regard from the Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Group.

The name of the drone that Pak has with China, its name is Wing Loong 2. This first flight was filled in February last year.