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Hacked Facebook data is being sold by Anonymous user.

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There has been another problem now on Facebook, who have been in disputes over the past years of data theft of users. There has been a report regarding the data theft and misuse of users. According to a BBC report, about 81 thousand user accounts were not only hacked but were also being sold to private messages of those accounts.

The case came to light in September this year when a user named FBSaler informed on the Internet forum that they are selling around 120 million (12 million) accounts. However, when cyber security firm Digital Shadows investigated the case, it was revealed that 81 thousand accounts were being sold with their private messages.

The Russian service of the BBC contacted five such Facebook members to confirm its private messages were being sold. It was revealed that the messages being sold are from them. These messages were not just text but some photos were also included. This report also states that private messages of users will be taken from malware websites and browser extensions. Most of those users are being sold to accounts and messages, most of them are from UK, US, Brazil and other parts except Ukraine and Russia.

According to this report, hackers were selling them for 10 cents ie 6 rupees per 50 paisa and the website on which the data was published for sale is being said to be located in St. Petersburg.

Justification of facebook
While giving clearance on this whole issue, Facebook denied any kind of hack hack and said that there was no mistake in the leak. Facebook’s Executive said in a conversation with the BBC that he has talked to the creators of the browser extension to ensure that any kind of malware extensions should not be available for download in their stories.