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Government strict on data leak, wants to increase penalties on companies.

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The government is preparing to tighten the screws on companies who do not take immediate steps to stop the data theft of Indians. This information is given by a senior government official. They told that when companies like Facebook and Google used the personal data of people, the government had put pressure on giving information.

According to Information Technology Act 2008, if the data rules are broken and its information is not provided in the cyber agencies or related ministries then there is also a provision for financial penalties. In spite of contacting several times in some cases, the companies have not responded. The official said that maybe the companies are not afraid of penalization because it is not more than 1 lakh.

The Ministry is now working on the Final Data Protection Law and it may be presented in the Parliament at the end of the year. There is also a change in the rules of the IT Act. In case of data-gathering incidents, fines can also be extended to companies.

In October, the ministry wrote many letters to Facebook. In the case of Indians joining the data leak of 5 crore people, the government asked for an answer. A Google spokesman said that the company sends information regarding privacy and security to millions of people in a year.