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Foundation of Bill Gates created special types of condoms, free from unwanted pregnancy.

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Boston, Microsoft founder Bill Gates will now be used their money to create a special type of condom. The specialty of this condom is that the use of this condom can be avoided due to the transfer of diseases from the partner during sex. The tension of the unwanted pregnancy will also not be due to this condom because it contains a special type of extractor material. It is also very easy to use.

According to the news published in the Royal Society Open Journal, rubber latex has been used in this condom. On top it is a layer of thin hydrophilic polymer, which makes its touch quite gentle and slippery. During sex, this condom is very long lasting and it will be very easy for users to use it.

Compared to the common condom, it can remain in slippery without any reduction. Scientists at the Bill and the Malinda Gates Foundation found in research that the normal condoms are soft and slippery in the beginning, but after some time their softness decreases. Boston University’s Research Professor Mark Greenstaff said, “33 women and men used this condom and they believed that it is very easy and satisfying.”