Colin O'Brady,the first who crossed Antarctica on a solo trek, america News

First American man who crossed alone Antarctica in 54 days.

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A US primate has become the first person to cross Antarctica without any help. Colin O’Brady (33) takes 54 days to complete the journey of about 1,600 kilometers of this continent covered with ice sheet from north to south.

After completing the last 77.5-mile journey in 32 hours, Colin O’Brady wrote in a post on Instagram: “I alone achieved my goal of becoming the first person to cross the continent of Antarctica.” He wrote, “Though the last 32 hours were the most challenging hours of my life, but at the same time he proved to be the best moment of his life.”

Colin O’Brady and England’s Army Capt Louis Rudd (49) began the journey to cross the Antarctic on November 3. Colin O’Brady arrived on the Ross Ice shelf on Wednesday on the Pacific Ocean. Rudd is one or two days behind them. In the year 2016, an army officer in England, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Worsley died in an attempt to cross Antarctica alone.