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Facebook ads played a key role in winning Trump in presidential election.

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London, Facebook played a key role in Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. Indeed, advertisements targeted by voters on Facebook have been very helpful for Trump. These advertisements were able to persuade voters to support Trump, who did not make an opinion. This fact has come from a study of the address.

According to researchers from the Charles III University of Madrid, Spain’s Trump team spent 4 million dollars on Facebook on Facebook during 2016 campaign and 175,000 different types of advertisements. Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton spent $ 28 million during the election. During these campaigns, messages were sent to Facebook users seeing various facts such as gender, location and political tilt. This increases the likelihood that even though the voters who did not decide which candidate would give their opinion, the probability of voting for their trump was five percent higher.

At the same time, the results on the other hand show that Clinton was able to neither pull out its potential and natural voters nor did the participation of these voters increase in elections. The researchers said, “Unfortunately, they do not have any data to show that this strategy is why Trump is working and not for Clinton.”