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Exclusion of iPhone in China, huge discounts for Huawei to increase sales.

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Huawei, facing a lot of pressure in the US, got support from Chinese companies. Chinese companies are giving huge discounts to their employees to buy Huawei Devices and are asking them to leave the iPhone.

In Tuesday’s report of Nikkei Asian Review, it was said that this move has been taken after the arrest of chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou from detention in Canada on the request of U.S. prosecutors.

The report said, “Many Chinese businessmen have told their employees that if they buy smartphones for the help of the company, they will get a discount. The report said that more than 20 Chinese companies have announced on social media that they will increase the purchase of other Huawei products. Some other Chinese companies are also boycotting Apple’s products.

According to the report, “According to the Chinese media, a Shanghai trade union has said that it will expel those who buy Apple products.” A Chinese court has banned the import and sale of most iPhone models, while deciding in support of Qualcomm in December. Qualcomm claims that Apple has violated its two patents.