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Dhanteras 2018: Know the auspicious time of worship, method, what will buy according to zodiac sign.

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On the day of Dhanteras (Dhanteras 2018) every household has a tradition of buying new things. Because it is considered auspicious to fetch anything new stuff in the house on this day. Especially, gold-silver, kitchenware, furniture and machines. But on the day of Dhanteras, it is an auspicious time to buy them. Just as a date and time are set for all the works in Hindu religion, on the same day, on the day of Dhanteras, there is auspicious time to bring new goods to the household, which will be for only 1 hour 57 minutes this time.

This day is known as Dhanteras due to the commencement of the festival of Goddess of wealth on the trayodashi date of the Krishna paksh of the Kartik month. Dhanteras is also known as Dhan Tryodashi and Dhanvantri Tryodashi. Dantaras is worshiped by five Gods, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It is said that on this day Lord Dhanvantri was born which during the Samundar Manthan, he had appeared with Amrit kalash and Ayurveda and for this reason God Dhanvantri is also called the father of medicines. This time Dhanteras is today ie 5th November.

Auspicious time for shopping at Dhanteras

Morning 07:07 to 09:15
Noon 01:00 to 02:30 pm
Night 05:35 to 07:30 at night

Shopping according to your zodiac sign

Aries – It will be beneficial to buy silver utensils and electronic goods.

Taurus – It would be auspicious to buy silver or silver or towels.

Gemini – Gold ornaments, saffron, vehicles, will be auspicious to buy.

Cancer – It would be best to buy silver ornaments, coins and household electrical goods.

Leo zodiac – it will be auspicious to purchase something of bronze, bronzed pottery, clothes and gold.

Virgo – Ganesh ji will be happy to buy Margaj statue, silver goods or kitchen utensils.

Libra zodiac – It will be auspicious to buy beauty utensils, silver utensils, coins or gold items, or decorative items.

Scorpio – Electronic equipment will be auspicious to buy gold ornaments.

Sagittarius – It will be auspicious to buy fragrant goods, gold coins, jewellery or gold accessories.

Capricorn – It will be good to buy vehicles, clothes, silver utensils, ornaments.

Aquarius – it will be auspicious to buy toilet goods, two-wheelers.

Pisces – It will be beneficial to buy silver coins, gold, silver utensils and electronic equipment.