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China’s dream of “Asia’s century” to come true with India : Chinese newspaper

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China is frightened by the growing harmony in India-US. This is being confirmed in an article published in the Govt. Media Global Times. In this article, asking to make the dream of ‘Asia’s century’ true, India has been advised to make friendship with China. Recognizing India as the second largest military force in the country in gross domestic product (GDP) and identifying India as the fourth largest military force, this article states that although there are some disagreements with China, the scope of the agreement is more important.

The article says, “US, India and China are pressurizing both countries on the basis of ‘America First’ policy and its new trade policy of force-constraints and restrictions is bringing closer to both countries. As soon as the two countries come closer to each other, the reality of Asia’s century will be embodied. This article was written by the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coliseum for Social Justice in the Global Times.

The article says, “In the case of GDP, India has come to the sixth position after the US, China, Japan, Germany and UK. Soon it will be beaten to fifth on the UK. However, GDP does not know the full truth. Pertaining power parity (PPP) is much closer to ground reality. If we look at PPP, the order of these countries will change and there is a whole possibility that China will be the first, America second and India will be at third place.

The author says, “Even if we consider the GDP as the sole criterion of economic status, things will change soon. I think that by 2030 China’s ranking is the first, America’s second and India’s overall prospects of being third. At the same time, China can be first by 2050, India second and third place in the US. If not today or tomorrow, the world will feel that Asia’s century has already begun.

It has been said that worldwide, the notion that India is abandoning its traditional non-alignment policy is bent towards the US. From this, the feeling of Panchsheel (five principles of coexistence) is shocked. The article states that this notion of India is not right for her nor for the rest of the world. The article says, “With the two deposits (2 + 2) of the Indian Defense and Foreign Ministers with their American counterparts, the impression has been strengthened that India is inclined towards America.”

The article says, “India will have to work more on eliminating this notion that it is going on the path shown by the US to develop China. It is a fact that there are some differences with China, especially the border dispute. However, New Delhi should understand that the border dispute is primarily the responsibility of colonialism and not created by China. There are common interests of India and China in many areas. ‘

The article states that first of all China had believed that 21st Century will be the century of Asia. It took a lot of time for India to accept that the balance of power has already been in the East and Asia has now become the world’s leading sector which used to be Europe and America two centuries ago. It is a welcome sign that India is trying to improve its tilt towards the West which developed after the demolition of the Soviet Union.

The article further states that due to the Chinese manufacturing hub and the engine of the global economy, India changed its perception of global reality and it could claim to be a world power in relation to its own ability in a way because one Asian and a non-western country can also become the world’s leadership force. In this way, China helped India gain confidence and self-esteem. We can hope that India will continue to strengthen its Look East Policy (Look East) and find some more areas of common interest with China so that the two largest countries of Asia work together to create a new era in the world Able to do

The article says, ‘It is a very good change that China is seeing India’s emergence with a positive viewpoint. India should also consider China to be more partners and less rival in Asia’s century. Together, the two countries can convey to the world that Asia will not be dominated by Asia in the Asia-Pacific other than the world of Western oppression, but it is not a country, region, race, color, religion or philosophy The end will be. The relations between countries, regions, races, colors and religions will be based on equality, tolerance and mutual respect. This principle was given to the world through Panchsheel, which India and China had rendered together. We should revive the original spirit of Panchsheel again today.