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China welcomes the Indo-America 2+2 dialogue, no response to COMCASA.

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China welcomed India and America’s first 2+2 dialogue on Friday, but silenced the historic defense agreement, which would provide important and encrypted American defense technology to the Indian Army. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday signed the ‘Communication, Compatibility and Security Agreement’ with US Secretary of State Michael Pompey and Defense Minister James Matisse after the first 2+2 dialogue.

With the introduction of COMCASA, India will get state-of-the-art military communications equipment. America also wants to receive timely information. On being asked for a response to the Indo-US dialogue and the COMCASA contract, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hu Chunying said, “There is news news about 2+2 dialogue
between India and the US. China is happy to see the normal development of bilateral relations between the US and India and hope that they work more to contribute to regional peace and stability in the process of developing bilateral relations. ‘

However, he did not respond to the question of COMCASA. In reference to the Indo-US call for maritime independence in the Indo-Pacific region, it was said, “To keep the legal rights mentioned in the international law about the safety of the sea in shipping and we also hope that the shipping freedom The side side do real work. ‘

During the 2+2 dialogue, India and the United States demonstrated the determination to work together and coordinate with other partners in the direction of the development of an independent, open and inclusive Hind-Pacific region. 2+2 dialogue have happened in a time when China’s People’s Liberation Army is testing in the Indian Pacific region. Claims rich China-related entire South China Sea. Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also make their own claim on this field.

It is worth noting that COMCASA is actually an Indian version of the Communication and Information on Security Memorandum of Advancement (CISMOA). After India and the US reached this agreement, the forces of the countries grow closer and women’s cooperation between each other. Let us tell you that in 2016 in America, India was named as the Chief Defense Partner.