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In the US Parliament, the bill to eliminate the maximum limit of countries on the green card is presented.

Washington, In order to amend the US Green Card (permanent residence card) law, two types of two bills have been introduced in Parliament, in which each country has a proposal to end the maximum limit on this card. If these bills are passed, then thousands of Indian professionals awaiting the permanent citizenship (Green Card) of […]

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US: Visa racket busted of ‘pay to stay’, many foreigners including Indians, will be sent back to their country.

Washington, After the ‘pay to stay’ visa racket has been busted in the US, many foreigners including Indians have been hanged on their back. Officials have arrested eight masterminds and about 100 students for the help of at least 600 migrants for helping to stay illegally in the country. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement […]

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