Sikh discriminatory policy in 2011, Kamala Harris, democrat president candidate, World News

Sikh activists demanded apology from Kamala Harris.

Washington, A group of Sikh activists has asked the Democrat Kamala Harris to apologize through an online application to defend religious discriminatory policies in 2011. American Indian American Kamala Harris is the claimant of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy. Explain that according to the 2011 law, the security personnel of the jail were not allowed […]

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pak exports hair to china, fashion industry, export of human hair, pakistan News

Increased demand in Chinese make-up industry In the last five years Pakistan has sold million value of human hair to China.

Islamabad, Pakistan has exported one lakh kilograms of human hair in China for the last five years, worth about Rs 94 lakh. In fact, the demand for human hair is increasing as the make-up industry is developing in China. China is importing human hairstyles due to the decline in the production of hair accessories locally. […]

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