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The country’s first solar powered-driver less bus built by the students of Punjab, the price is only 6 lakhs.

The students of Lovely Professional University (LPU) of Punjab have prepared the country’s first smartbus. This is not just a solar powered but also a driver less. This car was presented in the 106th Indian Science Congress (ISC). The cost of this fully pollution-free bus is around 6 lakh rupees. Electric motor runs with the […]

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Chinese companies in favor of the huawei, subsidy giving on chinese smartphones and penalty on buying iphone.

Shanghai Chinese companies are encouraging their employees to buy huawei smartphones. Many companies are offering their employees cash assistance to buy phones of huawei, while some have warned their employees about buying Apple products. The Shenzhen-based Manpad has warned employees to impose a fine on buying an iPhone. After the arrest of a top Havana […]

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