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Bet on Trump and Kim Jong in the list of Nobel Peace Prize.

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Oslo, Nobel’s prestigious peace award can be announced today. This award is given to a person or institution for significant contribution in the field of peace and social service. This time in the booky market, the name of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s President Moon-Jay-In is also being held with US President Donald Trump. Republican lawmakers have recommended the name of President Donald Trump, ending the Korean War and supporting important contributions towards nuclear disarmament.

According to media reports, MPs wrote in a letter to the committee that the President Trump is working towards ending decades of ongoing Korean War. Appreciated by his efforts, he himself has been the President of South and North Korea. On this basis, the trump should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because he deserves it.

This year, a total of 331 entries of 5 members have been received, which are record entries based on recommendations. However, sources say that the name of Kim Jong-un and Moon-Jae-In, the head of North and South Korea, is going on in the race of Nobel Peace Prize. On Friday, when peace awards will be announced from Oslo, all speculation will stop. Former US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.