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After the S-400 deal, America said, “Ban is not intended to harm our allies”.

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New Delhi, Although the US has been threatening the countries of the world with regards to relations with Russia, its tone changed after the final of India’s famous S-400 deal on Friday. The US softened its tone and said that the ban imposed on him was actually to punish Russia. Let us tell you that the first reaction came just a few hours after the deal was done by the US Embassy. Embassy of New Delhi clearly said that the purpose of US sanctions is not to harm the military capabilities of our allies.

Significantly, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is currently on a tour of India. On Friday, India ignored America’s warning and finalized the much anticipated S-400 Air Defense System Deal with Russia. It was believed that after the deal finals, there could be a strong reaction from the US, but the diplomatic statement from the US Embassy has been given. There are 8 major agreements, including space cooperation, between India and Russia on Friday.

US vigilant response
The US gave a fair response and said that its purpose to ban Russia was not to harm the military capabilities of its partners or partners. The United States also made it clear that any concession or discount on consideration will be based on every transaction and it can not be estimated beforehand.

Asked what would be the impact of anti-Russian restrictions on India? The US Embassy spokesman said, “Section 231 of US law CAATSA will be based on each transaction. Our motive for implementing CAATSA is to punish Russia for its fatal behavior. It also includes stopping fund flow in Russia’s defense sector. ”

Understand, what is the S-400 deal
This is the Air Defense missile system, which can drop the enemy’s aircraft from the sky. The S-400 is considered Russia’s most advanced long range surface-to-air missile defense system. It is capable of hitting the enemy’s cruise, aircraft and ballistic missiles. This system is an upgraded version of Russia’s only S-300. This missile system has been developed by Almaz-ante, who has been in service since 2007 in Russia. It is able to strike 36 in the same round.